Florida's Golden Age 1880-1930: The Rollins College Colloquy

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The Rollins College Colloquy

How did Florida, one of the country’s four smallest and least developed states in 1880, become within fifty years not only a tourist mecca but also a hub for technological innovation?

To explore this remarkable Golden Age, Rollins College brought together a wide variety of scholars and artists – historians and poets, biologists and environmental scientists, philosophers and literary critics – to help shine light on a period that, despite its challenges and failures, transformed the Sunshine State.  This volume brings together their insights as we all continue reflecting on our post, our present, and our future.

The contributors include Benjamin D. Brotemarkle, Grant Cornwell, Jack Emerson Davis, Jill C. Jones, Jack Lane, Peter Meinke, Gary Mormino, Maurice O’Sullivan, Arva Moore Parks, Leslie Kemp Poole, Richard T. Reep, Bruce Stephenson, and Claire Strom.

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Florida's Golden Age 1880-1930: The Rollins College Colloquy

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Florida's Golden Age 1880-1930




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