Call for Papers

The Florida Historical Society accepts academic paper presentations and panel discussions from professional historians, graduate students, and others, selected through a juried Call for Papers process.

The selected academic papers are presented at the FHS Annual Meeting and Symposium held annually in October.



All topics in Florida history, humanities, arts, literature, and/or archaeology are welcome. A committee of Society members will judge the proposed papers/sessions on their value as scholarship or other useful contributions to Florida studies. Presentations should follow the Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct by the American Historical Association.

INDIVIDUAL PAPER (20 minutes): send a title, 150-word abstract, and one-page vitae.

THEME PANEL: send a title and brief (150 word) theme description, 150-word abstract for each paper, one-page vitae for each panel member, and suggested discussant.

ROUND TABLE FORUMS OR DISCUSSIONS: send a title and brief (150 word) topic description, list of the participants, and moderator/discussant, with vita.