Weird Florida II: In a State of Shock

(Cocoa)Cows in the Intracoastal Waterway? A bloodsucking night creature on the loose in Miami? The Virgin Mary on a cheese sandwich? Nationally known talk show host high on drugs? The mayor of one small town who banned Satan? The mayor of another small town who campaigned on a platform of "hot loins?" Yep! All this and more too! It's all in Eliot Kleinberg's Weird Florida II in a state of shock.


Walkin' Lawton

Lawton Chiles was one of the most inspirational and influential politicians to come from Florida. His unique campaign style and passion for improving people s lives established a legacy that deserves recognition today. John Dos Passos Coggin conducted more than one hundred interviews with the friends, family, and co-workers of Lawton Chiles to create this definitive biography. Coggin s insightful writing based on extensive research illuminates both the political career and personal life of the fascinating Lawton Chiles.


The Voyages of Ponce de Leon

The voyages of Juan Ponce de León and his expeditions in Florida have long held a romantic and mythic place in American history. Speculation about his first landing in Florida, about the legend of the Fountain of Youth, and about Ponce de León.s reasons for setting sail to Florida have engaged chroniclers, historians, and even sailing masters for five centuries.


Too Much Is Not Enough: The History In Harriett's Closet

This book delves into the life—and legendary closet—of Orlando fashion icon and philanthropist Harriett Lake (1922—2018). Through personal and vintage photos, lush photography exemplifying Harriett’s signature styles, and quotes from the brassy, big-hearted grand dame herself, you will be awed by the magnitude of her wardrobe and magnanimity of this exceptional woman. This unique fashion biography begins with Harriett’s childhood during the Great Depression, follows her service as a Marine during World War II, her flight from heartbreak to Miami Beach, and subsequent marriage.


The St. Johns From The Marshlands To The Atlantic

The authors are not historians or experts of any kind but they have traversed the waters of the river by air boat from the flood-plain and marshes southwest of Fellsmere which mark its beginning, and later by larger vessel to the point where its waters join one of the great oceans of the world. We have endeaved to show the river as we saw it and to provide accurate descriptions and information.


Southern Cooking A Man's Domain

Once in a while, it feels good to simply sit down and write about something you love.  Nick Wynne, a southern native and country cook, has done just that.  Filled with everyday recipes that are found in every southern cook's repertoire and on virually every southern table, Southern Cooking also contains hilarious essays on country customs, mores and peculiarities.  More than a cookbook, this is an absolutely rib-breaking good laugh.


River Road Stories

River Road Stories is a little masterpiece of story telling. Mary Eschbach, a Rockledge resident, captures life along the Indian River as only a resident can. What a wonderful way to celebrate a way of life that has passed us all by!

Patrick Smith, author of A Land Remembered

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