The Florida Historical Society has video resources available for education and classroom use.  Videos include theatrical, lectures and documentary programs on DVD and digital formats. Many of the videos are available from the Florida Historical Society's You Tube channel:

For convenient viewing, the youtube videos are also arranged in playlists:


An original theatrical production by the Florida Historical Society. Features dramatic portrayals of businesswoman Caroline P. Rossetter, environmentalist Marjory Stoneman Douglas, educator Mary......Read more
The Florida Historical Society Archaeological Institute presents lectures and many are recorded on the FHS You Tube Channel. The You Tube Play List is available at more
The Discover Florida Lectures bring speakers to the Library of Florida History who approach the issue of "Florida Life and Culture" from a wide range of disciplines, including history, public affairs......Read more
Ponce deLeon Landed Here was performed live on January 12 at 2pm at the historic Volusia County Courthouse Deland FL., and January 5 at the Historic West Palm Beach Courthouse. You Tube: https://......Read more