Educational Resources

The Florida Historical Society houses a wide array of both primary and secondary source materials from the colonial era to present day tourism trends available to researchers and students. However, when a visit to the library is not optional, our Teacher’s Resource Page will give students and educators the ability to access as much of our archived materials as possible.

The office of the Educational Resources Coordinator at the Florida Historical Society is always looking for new ways to enhance the educational experience for social studies students, especially in particular aspects of Florida history. We encourage instructors to contact the Educational Resources Coordinator to schedule visits to the Library of Florida History to learn about archival work with hands on demonstrations, and understand how to use primary source materials in their research.

We understand that especially in these times of shrinking budgets, it can be difficult to travel here.   As part of the Florida Historical Society’s outreach initiative, we would be pleased to travel to your school for a presentation on the FHS and using primary sources. Please contact the Educational Resources Coordinator for further details.

Ben DiBiase

CLICK on the below outline links for educational resources. Please also check out the Brevard Museum for additional resources: