Miscellaneous Manuscripts Box 3

Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Box 3


Folder 1                       Letter—George M. Brooke to C. Seaton Fleming—1924        

Letter—Francis Richard to John L. Sammis—1837

Letter—Helen Kirby Putnam to Kate Putnam—1847



Folder 2                       Confederate States of America ballot 1861

                                    Photograph of Jefferson Davis

                                    Signature of Judah P. Benjamin-- 1857

                                    Letter to Fla. Governor James E. Broome—1878

Letter contains details re: Mexican War & description of trip from NY to Mexico via Key West—1847

Letter from Cordell Hull to Fla. Senator J. Hardin Peterson—1935



Folder 3                       Letter to Lt. Col. Gates from Lt. Col. Tomkins re:

                                    Relocation of Ft. Lauderdale—1839

                                    Document certifying S.L. Hancock as physician in

                                    1868 Cork, Florida.



Folder 4                       Letters date from 1906-07 to Francis P. Fleming pertaining to the Florida Historical Society.  Authors are Clarence B. Moore, Samuel Swan, & Fredrick W. Hoyt.



Folder 5                       2 letters to F.P. Fleming from William D. Bloxham dated

                                    1902 & 06 re: FHS.

                                    Letter to F.P. Fleming from Julien Younge about his interest in Florida History dated July 23, 1907.

Letter to FP Fleming from Henry Webster re:

FHS buying his Father’s papers dated 2/28/1907.

Letter to C. Seaton Fleming from Hunter Liggett re:  World War I.  Liggett was Gen. Pershing’s chief of staff.    

Letter from Jeanette Thurber Connor accepting Board position on FHS dated 7/2/1914.



Folder 6                       3 letters from Enoch J. Vann of Madison, Fl. to F.P. Fleming re: donation of Gov. Perry’s papers to FHS. Letters date from 11/1905—1/1906.

                                    1letter from H.J. Anderson to F.P. Fleming re: donation of Judge Perry’s letters to FHS.  Letter dated 9/2/1905.

                                    1 letter from B.F. Chilton to FHS dated 10/20/1905.  He states he is forwarding relics from W.E. Connor.



Folder 7                       Letter from Fla. Gov. William Pope Duval dated 1/27 1829 from Tallahassee to Samuel L. Southward, Sec. of Navy Washington City.

                                    2 letters from John Y. Detwiller of New Smyrna to F.P. Fleming re: items to be donated to FHS.  Letters dated 2/05/ & 8/29 1906.



Folder 8                       Letter from Henry Perrine re: Cholera epidemic in New York.  Dated Tammany Hall, 1832.

                                    Letter to A.B Smith dated 2/11/1858 from Palatka for his brother.  Author is staying in a boarding house for invalids.

                                    Letter dated 11/15/1902 from G.L. Baltzell to George Wilson, editor of Jax Times Union re: attending meeting of FHS. 



Folder 9                       Letter from Catherine M. Smith dated 3/20/1855 to Hannah Ann describing steamboat trip on Darlington from Enterprise to Palatka.  Smith comments on cruelty of slavery.

                                    2 Letters from dated 11/10 & 11/22 1902 from Stephen R. Mallory, US Senator to George Wilson re:  attending FHS meeting.

                                    2 documents on letterhead of FHS to Francis P. Fleming from Van W, Sheilds, Treasurer.  Contains information on FHS finances.  Document dated 9/29/1905.  Letterhead has officers of FHS listed.

                                    1 letter dated 4/10/1907 from W.A. Blount to F.P. Fleming re:  FHS.



Folder 10                     9 Items concerning Duncan U. Fletcher dating from 1912-1926.  Fletcher was U.S. Senator from 1909-1926.      Includes photograph & correspondence.



Folders 11-12B            3 folders of items pertaining to Harrison M. Reed donated by his son.  Includes certificate of his election as Governor & list of accomplishments.



Folder 13A & 13B       Diary of E.J. Lehman is an 86 page diary of a woman from Philadelphia who visited Florida in 1878-79.  Folder 13A contains diary and 13B contains a photocopy.