Miscellaneous Manuscripts Box 4

MSS Misc Box4

Finding Guide---Misc. Mss Box 4

Accession #                                                    Item                                                                Fold. #

            #93-30                                     David Levy Yulee—Letters & documents                              1      

            #93-31                                     George W. Wilson—Letters re: Founding FHS                      2                

            #93-32                                     W.A. Carter Letters                                                  3A, 3B, 3C & 3D 

#93-33                                     Misc. letters from 2nd Seminole Indian War, &                       4

                                                Civil War

            #93-34                                     1 letter & 1 document from Civil War                                       5

            #93-35                                     6 misc. items from the Civil War from GMP Holt                    6

who was a machinist at Columbia, GA arsenal from                  

Wakulla County                    

            #93-36                                     5 misc. items --souvenirs from Cocoa, land grant                     7

                                                            1851 Duval Co. & letter from architects of Ponce de

                                                            Leon hotel in St. Augustine.


#93-37                         1 letter from Morris S. Miller dated 1836 from Ft. King, Fla. /            8

with transcript & photocopy.  Andres Burgevin Land grant from

Sebastian Creek near St. Augustine in Spanish dated 1820 w/

photocopy.      Legal document copy of bond dated 1851    btw

Arthur Burney & Biggs of  Jax. w/ photocopy.


            #93-38                         Misc. letters & documents.  An  1851 letter from Stephen Mallory    9

                                                when elected to US Senate looking for room in Washington D.C.

                                                Letter from Louis Hillhouse dated 1891 from Lake Worth

                                                discussing agriculture. Civil War document dated 1/17/1865 with

                                                William E. Owens asking for light duty due to medical condition.

                                                10 sheets entitled Florida Uniform Exam Questions used to grade

                                                 teachers.  Sheets on all different subjects, dated 1897-98.


            #93-39                         Numerous documents relating to Buckingham Smith.  Includes          10

                                                photostats of original documents in collection of NY Historical

                                                Society’s collection an article from 1860 History Magazine re:

                                                Buckingham Smith.  Also souvenir from 1941 unveiling of tablet

                                                In St. Augustine dedicated to Buckingham Smith.


            #93-40                         Correspondence between James Branch Cabell &FHS.  8                  11

                                                typed letters signed by author dating from 1942-1949.


            #93-41                         Diary by Robert O. Beatty of NY visit to Florida phosphate

                                                mining & shipping facilities.  Includes diagrams & discusses

                                                Tampa, Lakeland, Mulberry.  Diary contains 39 pages & index

                                                of people he met.