Maurice O'Sullivan

Maurice J. "Socky" O'Sullivan (born 1944) is a historian and literary scholar who specializes in the history of Florida. As the Kenneth Curry Professor of Literature at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. Professor O'Sullivan has lectured and published extensively on the state's art and history, religion and politics, literature and culture.

Born in Jersey City, New Jersey (July 15, 1944), the son of Maurice and Agnes O'Sullivan, Professor O'Sullivan attended St. Peter's Prep before receiving his bachelor's degree from Fairfield University (1966) and his Master's and Doctoral degrees from Case Western Reserve University (1967, 1969). After several years at Ohio State, he joined the Rollins faculty in 1975. At Rollins he has served as President of the Faculty and Chair of the English Department and Humanities Division.

Director of the Florida Center for the Shakespeare Studies, in 2005, he became publisher of the Angel Alley Press at Rollins and is a senior partner in the Dan McGuinnis Irish Pubs in Nashville. He serves on the board of the Florida Historical Society Professor O'Sullivan currently lives in Orlando.

Throughout his career, he has given roughly 300 lectures, presentations, and workshops on Florida Studies, Irish culture, popular culture, rhetoric, literature, the Bible, English art, and Shakespeare. His dedication to all of these subjects shows in his achievements and participation within various communities and activities, as well as his written works.

  • Maurice O'Sullivan
    Maurice O'Sullivan