Holmes-Palmer-Ferris Papers, 1826 – 1921



1826 – 1921


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Thomas O. Holmes (1816 – 1879) was a prominent citizen of Jacksonville, Florida.   see doc.

He had a store on Bay Street and owned other properties in town.  Holmes was an

Attorney and he was the Agent for David L. Palmer (d. 1871) and Darius Ferris ( 1800-1849). 

Palmer and Ferris also lived in Jacksonville and were partners and entrepreneurs.  In 1841, they purchased the property around Mayport, Florida and laid out the town.  The Land had originally been part of the Dewees Grant.

Palmer and Ferris had a contract with the Federal Gov’t to provide timber for the U.S.  Navy, but in 1843 they were accused of cutting Live Oak on public lands and were brought to trial.

Ferris died at the age of 49, but Holmes and Palmer continued actively buying and selling properties in the town of Jacksonville for many years.

Palmer’s son-in-law, Halstead Hoag, served as the Mayor of Jacksonville during the Civil War.


Scope And Content

Included in this collection are hundreds of Property Deeds, Indentures, Promissory Notes and other legal documents.  These are mostly hand written and give the property descriptions in the town of Jacksonville, Florida in the town’s early days of development.There are also some Bill of Sales for Negro slaves in which the names, ages and relation-ships are given.

A large part of the collection is concerned with the case “Nimrod  vs  U.S.”  In 1842, Palmer and Ferris operated a large business near New Smyrna, Florida in cutting timber

and selling it to the  U.S. Navy.  The Brig Nimrod was loaded with Live Oak timber when the U.S. Agent, H. L. Thistle , accused Palmer and Ferris of taking timber from

public lands.  Thistle caused the Nimrod and her cargo to be seized and Palmer & Ferris

to be indicted for Trespass.  District Attorney Thomas Douglas tried the case before

Judge Isaac H. Bronson.  The defendants were found guilty and the Nimrod was ordered to be sold at auction.  (Palmer & Ferris then bought her for $1815.00).

In 1848, Palmer & Ferris petitioned the court for a new hearing and, with new testimony,

were found not guilty.  They were compensated for $50,285.00.    Included is a copy of

the complete transcript of the trial.  It is hand written and 196 pages long..   Also the copies of the second trial, along with the words of Judge Bronson and Att. Thomas

Douglas, are contained in the collection.   Related to the trial is a number of letters to, and from, the Honorable David Levy before he changed his name to David Yulee.

Also, of interest in this collection, is a number of pages from account ledgers during the

years 1858 – 1874 covering such items as hardware, food,  “buggy repair” etc 

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is organized into 29 Folders.  These are all arranged in chronological

order in three boxes.     The folders containing the legal papers pertaining to both trials are placed at the end of the collection.

Subject  Headings

Holmes, Thomas O. – Archives

Palmer, David L. – Archives

Ferris, David L. – Archives

Deeds – Jacksonville, FL – 19th century

Jacksonville, FL – 19th century – deeds

African-American – Slaves – Jacksonville, FL – 19th century Nimrod vs. U.S. – New Smyrna, FL – timber industry Timber Industry – Nimrod vs U.S. – 19th century – New Smyrna, FL Lighthouses – St. John’s River – Jacksonville, FL Genealogy – T.O. Holmes Family – 19th and 20th centuries Genealogy – David L. Palmer Family – 19th and 20th centuries.

Levy, David

Yulee, David Levy

Bronson, Isaac H.

Douglas, Thomas

Hoag, Halstead 




There are no restrictions on access.  Papers have been refoldered in acid-free materials and metal fasteners have been removed.

BOX  1    



Folder 1

13 Nov 1826             Bill of sale.  W.H. Allen to Eliz. Wiggins. Tract of land on

                                  St. John’s River.

21 Jul 1831                Bill of sale. Jacob Micklers to Maria & James Felany.

02 Jul 1832                Indenture between Louis & George Fleming, and Palmer & Ferris

                                  for $708.  re: Negro Slaves – names & ages given.

02 Jul 1832                Deed.  Fleming to Palmer & Ferris.

21 Aug 1832             Deed. Lounsbury Palmer to David. L. Palmer. Tract of land in

                                  Stamford, Connecticut.

20 Jan 1834               Bill of sale for live oak timber.  M. Hallowes to Palmer & Ferris.

15 Sep 1834              Bill of sale.  Martin Bowrosan to Palmer & Ferris for stock of

                                  cattle and hogs.

29 Nov 1834             Warranty deed . Charles Downing to George Clarke.  1,000 acres

                                  on St. John’s River.

17 Dec 1834             Deed of release. Duncan Clinch to Charles Downing.

05 Jun 1835               Assignment of mortgage of Andrew D. Lewis to David L. Palmer.


Folder 2

30 Apr 1836              Deed. John Warren to Palmer & Ferris.  Land in Jacksonville, Fla.


27 Jun 1836               Statement of C. Downing re: sale of live oak timber to Palmer &


08 Apr 1839              Bill of sale. Palmer to William Gardner re: Negro Slaves – names

                                  and ages given.

01 Aug 1840             Deed from Charles Bisbee et al to David Palmer. Land on St. John’s

                                  River known as Jolley’s Field, (Granted by the Spanish Govt. to

                                  Donna Ana Hogans, wife of Soloman Miller.)

05 Oct 1840              Statement of Samuel L. Burritt, agent and attorney of John Warren.

11 Jun1841                Note. John Warren and John Pons to Mrs. Sarah Ann Gregory.

02 Apr  ?                   Letter from Palmer & Ferris to David Levy.  Says H.L. Thistle

                                  is giving a lot of trouble but that they have proof that the timber

                                  they have cut is not from Public Lands.

23 Jun 1842               Quit claim deed.  Jacob Mickler to Palmer & Ferris.

22 Aug 1842             Receipt of Mrs Williiams signed by H.L. Thistle, agent for pres-

                                  ervation of timber on public lands in E. Florida.

24 Aug 1842             Letter to Palmer & Ferris from H.L. Thistle re: the taking of timber

                                  from public lands. Pay $2500 or Govt. will bring suit.


Folder 3

12 Sep 1842              Letter to Thos. Douglass, U.S. District Att, St. Augustine, from

                                  H.L. Thistle   re: Mr. Tiball’s Grant.

17 Dec 1842             Bill of sale by Francis D. Scarlett for a Negro slave, “Jacob”. $500

31 Jan 1843               Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Raymond Pond.

01 Apr 1843              Deed Milo K. Pinckston to Elizabeth Berrie. Land in Jacksonville

15 Jun 1843               Bill of Sale by B.L. Hopkins re: Negro woman slave for $150.

12 Jul 1843                Bill of sale by Mary Deweese, administratix, to Holmes. Land

                                  in Jacksonville.

11 Aug 1843             Letter to David Levy from David Henshaw, Navy Dept., re:

                                  timber shipped by Brig Nimrod.

15 Aug 1843             Letter to D. Henshaw from D. Levy re: Brig Nimrod.

04 Sep 1843              Letter to Thos. Douglas, U.S. Attorney, from H.L. Thistle re:

                                  suing Palmer & Ferris for damages in cutting timber on public

                                  lands.  Also, an extract of a letter to Thistle from Douglas.

03 Oct 1843              Letter to  Thos. Douglas from H.L. Thistle re: cutting timber



Folder 4

04 Oct 1843              Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Palmer & Ferris re: cutting timber.

04 Oct 1843              Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Thos. Douglas re: Thistle and

                                  his lawsuit.

07 Oct 1843              Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Thos. Douglas re: Thistle.

13 Oct 1843              Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Thos. Douglas re: Thistle.

14 Oct 1843              Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Palmer & Ferris .  Says they cannot

                                  continue operations because of interference by Thistle.

19 Oct 1843              Letter to Capt. Beverly Kennon from David Henshaw, Navy

                                  Dept., to authorize Palmer & Ferris to ship timber that has already

                                  Been cut.

20 Oct 1843              Letter to Palmer & Ferris from B. Kennon. Re: timber.

31 Oct 1843              Letter to D. Henshaw from D. Levy on behalf of Palmer & Ferris

                                  requesting release of contract for live oak.

16 Nov 1843             Letter to Hon. D. Levy fron D. Henshaw re:  case of Palmer &


18 Nov 1843             Letter to David Henshaw from D. Levy re:  case of Palmer & Ferris.


Folder  5


22 Nov 1843             Letter to Capt. Beverly Kennon from D. Henshaw re;  TIMBER.

22 Nov 1843             Letter to Hon. D. Levy from D. Henshaw re:  landing of Palmer &

                                  Ferris’ timber at Norfolk Navy Yard.

12 Dec 1843             Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Palmer & Ferris.  Re: timber

21 Dec 1843             Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Palmer & Ferris.  Re;  Port of

                                  New Smyrna is blockaded.

01 Jan 1844               Letter to Hon. David Levy from E.F. Barnard.  Re:  alleged

                                  violation of the revenue laws.

11 Jan 1844               Letter to Palmer & Ferris from B. Kennon  re:  notice of

                                  authorization to ship lumber.

12 Jan 1844               Receipt for damages while the Schooner Louisiana was detained

                                  in New Smyrna.  Palmer & Ferris paid $540.

12 Jan 1844               Letter to Hon. David Levy from Palmer & Ferris. Re: request

                                  for withdrawal of suits.

13 Jan 1844               Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Raynor & Pond ( attorney for

                                  Palmer & Ferris.

1844                           Deed to Lawrence Fatio from Palmer, Ferris & Hudnall.



Folder  6


17 Jan 1844               Letter to  Hon D. Levy from Raynor & Pond. Re:  foreign

                                  corn rate

23 Jan 1844               Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Raynor & Pond  re: cargo of

                                  timber has arrived at Navy Yard.

11 Feb 1844              Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Palmer & Ferris   re: Nimrod

                                  and Thistle.

19 Feb 1844              Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Raynor & Pond  re: timber case

13 Mar 1844             Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Raynor & Pond  re: timber case

23 Mar 1844             Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Raynor & Pond  re: timber case

28 Mar 1844             Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Raynor & Pond  re: timber case

29 Mar 1844             Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Raynor & Pond  re: timber case

17 Apr 1844              Letter to Hon. David Levy from Palmer & Ferris  re: Nimrod

29 Apr 1844              Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Raynor & Pond  re: timber case


Folder  7


04 May 1844             Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Raynor & Pond  re: timber case

08 May 1844             Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Raynor & Pond  re: timber case

28 May 1844             Deed. Cornelius Taylor to Palmer & Ferris.  Land, excluding

                                  4 acres on which the lighthouse sits on St. John’s beach.

14 Jun 1844               Bill of sale to Lawrence Fatio by Palmer, Ferris, et al, Land

                                  in Duval County.

08 Jul 1844                Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Raynor & Pond   re: timber case

25 Jul 1844                Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Palmer & Ferris  re: timber case

02 Aug 1844             Agreement to pay Cornelius Taylor $1,500 for land near St.

                                  John’s River.

15 Aug 1844             Letter to Hon. D. Levy from Thos. Douglas  re: pending suit

                                  against Palmer & Ferris.

11 Oct 1844              To surveyor – location of tract of land near Mosquito Lagoon.

                                  Estate of Joseph Bonnelly.


08 Aug 1845             Letter to Hon. Jno T. Mason, Secty of Navy, from D.L. Yulee.

                                  Re:  restitution for Palmer & Ferris because of erroneous evidence.

11 Oct 1845              Deed to T.O. Holmes.  Certain lots in Jacksonville.


Folder  8


?  Dec 1845               Bill of sale for Negro slaves by Cornelius Sams to Palmer & Ferris.

                                  13 slaves, names and ages given.

01 Dec 1845             Bill of sale for Negro slaves by Wm. Hickman. Names & ages.

24 May 1846             Bond. Payment to H.Henderson on account of D. Mieler’s estate.

09 Oct 1846              Notice of judgments to Palmer & Ferris. Land in Jacksonville.

14 Jan 1847               Letter to Hon. D.L. Yulee from Ferris.  Re: Bill of Damages.

                                  Also, an added note from T.O. Holmes, and a note from D.L. Yulee.

19 Apr 1847              Deed.  Sarah Ann Gregory to Holmes.  Described property in


11 Jun 1847               Letter to Hon. D.L. Yulee from Holmes.


Folder  9


26 Jan 1848               List of Slaves with a notation :  $4,693.27

31 Mar 1848             Bill of sale. Thomas A.S. Warren to Palmer & Ferris for land in


25 Apr 1848              Cyprian Cross et al.  Slaves, named.

30 May 1848             T. O. Holmes, for the consideration of a Negro Slave, sold land to

                                  Mary Halliday in Jacksonville.

05 Jul 1848                Letter to Hon. D.L. Yulee from Treasury Dept. re:  Lighthouse

                                  at mouth of St. John’s River.

20 Jul 1848                Same as above.

21 Jul 1848                Letter to Hon. D. L. Yuilee from Treasury Dept. re:  title to the

                                  Lighthouse is unsatisfactory.

08 Aug 1848             Letter to John Mason, Secty of the Navy, from D. L. Yulee re:

                                  condemned cargo on Brig Nimrod


15 Aug 1848             1848 Letter to Hon. D.L. Levy from Secty of the Navy.


Folder  10


20 Sep 1848              John Raynor & Charles Pond to Palmer & Ferris. Land in         


16 Oct 1848              Indenture. Isaiah G. Hart to Oliver Wood.  $200 for parcel of

                                  land in Jacksonville.

07 Nov 1848             Letter from T.O. Holmes to W. Forward re: Palmer & Ferris.

23 Nov 1848             Letter to Hon. D.L. Yulee from W. Forward. Re:  title held

                                  by Palmer & Ferris.

06 Apr 1849              Indenture. Oliver Wood to T.O. Holmes. Property in Jacksonville.

18 Apr 1849              Indenture: Sarah Gregory to Poinsett Holmes. Parcel of land in  


21 Jan 1850               Indenture. Sarah Wightman, F. Dewees, and W. Dewees to Philip           

                                  Fraser.  3 lots in Jacksonville.

04 Feb 1850              Letter to T. O. Holmes re:  damages caused by seizure of Brig


19 Jul 1850                Deed. Isaiah D. Hart to T. O. Holmes. Land in Jacksonville.


BOX  2

Folder  11


19 Nov 1850             Deed. John Smith to David L. Palmer. Land in Jacksonville.

13 Dec 1850             Deed. Phillip Fraser to T. O. Holmes. Land in Jacksonville.

27 Feb 1851              Deed. Maria Doggett to Phillip Fraser. Land in Jacksonville.

15 Apr 1851              Deed Horace Moss to Ambler & Hoag. Land in Jacksonville.

16 Apr 1851              Deed. Horace Moss to Ambler & Hoag. Land in Jacksonville.

10 Jul 1851                Deed. John Sammis to David L. Palmer. Land  - Hazzard’s Bluff

15 Jan 1852               Deed. Maria Doggett to T.O. Holmes. Land on Bay St. & Hogan’s

                                  Creek in Jacksonville.

21 Jan 1852               Deed. Maria Doggett to T.O. Holmes. Land in Jacksonville.

07 Feb 1852              Deed. Mary Congar to John Newsom. Land in Jacksonville.

13 Mar 1852             Deed. Wm. Grothe to Paul Canova. Land in Jacksonville.


Folder  12  


27 Mar 1852             Indenture. Maria Doggett to Wm Grothe. Land in Jacksonville.

15 Apr 1852              Indenture. John R. Newsom, Mary Conger.  Land in


13 Aug 1852             Affidavit.  Maria Doggett to James Harkness.  Land in Jacksonville

13 Nov 1852             Bill of sale. Estate of J. R. Newsom  to T.O. Holmes. Land in


26 Feb 1853              Indenture between Isiah Hart and Charles Dibble. $300 for land in           


04 May 1853             Mortgage.. R.W. Biggs to T.O. Holmes. Land & buildings in


25 Jun 1853               Indenture between Paul B. Canova and T.O. Holmes.

01 Dec 1853             Mortgage. John Lewis to David L. Palmer.  Fort George Island.

                                  Also, 10 Negro slaves, names and ages given


Folder  13


30 Jan 1854               Indenture. Levi Ammerman to T.O. Holmes. Land in Jacksonville

27 May 1854             Indenture. David Palmer  & Sarah Ferris to Carolyn Henderson.

                                  Land at the White Spring in Duval County.

15 Jun 1854               Indenture. Charles R. Thompson to John Lewis Fort George Island

                                  and other islands.  Also, Negro slaves, names & ages given.

05 Jul 1854                Deed. Maria Doggett to Samuel Ellis. Land in Jacksonville.

07 Aug 1854             Deed. Tax collector to Sarah Ann Gregory.. Land in Jacksonville.

14 Oct 1854              Indenture. John B. Howell to Halstead H. Hoag. Land in Jacksonvill

14 Oct 1854              Indenture. H.H. Hoag to Daniel Ambler Land in Jacksonville.

01 Jun  1855              Indenture.. Ambler & Hoag to David L. Palmer.. Land in Jackson-



09 Jun 1855               Letter from I.P. Sanderman to D.L> Palmer re:  Col . Lewis.

10 Jun 1855               Deed  Henry Henderson to David Palmer & Sarah Ferris. Lan   in Jacksonville.


Folder  14


25 Jul 1856                Deed from David Palmer to Abigail Nory. Land in Jacksonville

                                  on the East bank of the St. John’s river.

18 Sep 1856              Deed. Alexander F. Hunt to Ida Dzealyndski re:  land in Jackson-


09 Oct 1857              Mortgage between William Caulk and Samuel Ellis.  Land in


11 Jan 1858               Account book of David L. Palmer with Ambler & Hoag. Entries

                                  from 1858 to 1867.  13 double pages.

06 May 1858             Letter from F.L. Dancy to T.O. Holmes re purchase of 200 acres

                                  in Coco Swamp, Georgia.

16 Sep 1858              Mortgage. Benjamin Hopkins to Samuel Ellis. For advance &

                                  supplies of goods, wares & merchandise.  Also sale of 8 Negro

                                  slaves.  Names and ages given.

01 Jun 1859               Copy of an account page of William Caulk sent to Samuel Ellis.

16 Jun 1859               Bond. R.M. Biggs to T. O. Holmes.  Land in Jacksonville.


Folder  15


Sep 1859                   Papers related to the estate of Samuel Ellis.


May 1861


Folder  16


24 May 1860             List of the sale of fixtures in the “Reading Room”in the “Brick    

                                  Building” on Bay St., Jacksonville.

31 Jul 1860                Account pages.. David Palmer. 1857 to 1860.

10 Oct 1860              Indenture. Maria DeWees to T. O. Holmes. Land in Jackson-


23 Jan 1861               Petition to sell land of Eliza Jones, a minor, to H.H. Hoeg.

                                  The buildings on the property were destroyed by fire.

28 Dec 1861             Indenture. Florida Railroad Co. to T. O. Holmes. 440 Acres

                                  in Gulf Hammock, FL.

27 Mar 1865             Sale of seized land of  Redding Biggs to Elizabeth Robinson       

                                  and resale of land in Jacksonville to  T.O. Holmes.

27 Mar 1865             Sale of seized land by Redding Biggs to Mary L. Moody.

                                  And resale of land in Jacksonville to T.O. Holmes.

Mar-Oct 1865           5 letters from H.H.Hoag to A.L. Ambler.


Folder  17


13 Jan 1866               Indenture. C.L. Robinson to T.O. Holmes. Land in Jacksonville.

06 Dec  1866            Deed H.H. Phillips to David Palmer & Sarah Ferris. Land along

                                  the St, Johns River in Jacksonville.

    Sep 1867               Account pages of David. L. Palmer. 19 pages. 1867 – 1870

                                  Along with 2 pages of interest owed.

13 Jan 1868               Copy of letter from D.L. Yulee to H.H. Hoag re:  petition of

                                  Palmer & Ferris for damages of loss of Brig Nimrod.

20 Jun 1868               Letter from J.S. Thackera to H. H. Hoag.

31 Jan 1870               Letter from D.L. Yulee to D. L. Palmer re: Brig Nimrod.

27 Jul 1870                Indenture. James J. Holland to T.O. Holmes.  Land in Jackson-



Folder 18


05 Oct 1871              Letter from F.L. Dancy to H.H. Hoag  re: business transactions with

                                  Palmer & Ferris.

19 Mar 1873             Certificate..  Appt. of H.H. Hoag as County Commissioner of Duval


01 Apr 1873              Account page of H. Henderson with D.L. Palmer estate.

20 Apr 1873              Letter from W.H. Slate to Hoag and Granger re: improvements on


01 Jun 1874               Account of the estate of D.L. Palmer with H.H. Hoag.

                                  10 ledger pages.

01 Jun 1874               Account of Emma L. Holmes with H.H.Hoag. 4 ledger pages.

01 Jun 1874.              Account of Eliza Palmer with H.H. Hoag.  8 ledger pages.


Folder  19


03 Mar 1875             T.O. Holmes acting for estate of deceased, Samuel Ellis, sells land

                                  to William Lucas.

09 Mar 1875             Copy of letter from D.L. Yulee of transmittal of papers used in a

                                  petition for relief  (re: Brig Nimrod) in the U.S. Senate.

01 Jul 1875                Account of D.L. Palmer: 1875 –1876   Four ledger pages.

01 Dec 1875             Indenture between T.O. Holmes and William M. Nicholls re: land

                                  in Jacksonville.


Folder  20


01 Apr 1876              Indenture between Andrew V. Floyd and the Mrs. Palmer and

                                  Ferris  re: land in the village of Mayport.

07 Oct 1876              Written proposition from N.M. Nicholls to T.O. Holmes  re:

                                  land in Jacksonville.

08 Feb 1877              Court order assigning Emma Holmes & Henry Holmes as adminis-

                                  trators for the estate of Abigail Hoag.

03 Feb 1879              Letter from Peter Cour to Henry Holmes enclosing tax receipts and

                                  notice of sale of land. Includes stamped envelope.

14 Nov. 1879            Deed. Sarah Ferris to Sarah Holmes. Plot of land in St. Nicholas


13 Jul 1880                Deed. S. Holmes to John Riley. Land in St. Nicholas Cemetary.




Folder  21


26 Nov 1881             Quit claim deed from Sarah P. Ferris to S. Lina Holmes et al

                                  Land in St. Nicholas Cemetary.

14 Feb 1882              Two Quit Claim Deeds.  Florida and Charles Enos to T.O. Holmes.

11 Aug.1882             Two Quit Claim Deeds.Harriet Ashmead to S. Lina Holmes. Land

                                  in Jacksonville.

31 May 1887             Quit Claim Deed. Two deeds involving the heirs of Holmes.

                                  re:  lots in the Holmes Division of St. Nicholas.


Folder  22


19 Dec 1911             Mortgage Deed. Edwin Pointsette Holmes to Edwin Palmer Holmes.

                                  Land in Jacksonville.

13 Nov 1916             Deed involving various heirs of Palmer & Holmes.  Re:  land in



Folder  23


Item  A                      Lists of dates with a brief description of the Deed.

Item  B                      43 Checks from Merchants & Planters Bank Savannah.  1860.

                                  All signed by T.O. Holmes.


Folder  24


                                  Abstract of Title, covering a certain area of land  (lot 8 of Holmes’

                                  Subdivision of St. Nicholas) from 1821 – 1923.

                                  This document is of special interest for geneology study.






BOX   3



Folder  25                  Miscellaneous


Folder  26                  Miscellaneous


Folder  27                  Miscellaneous



Folder  28                  Complete transcript of “Nimrod vs U.S.”  196 pages.  Mar 1843

                                  Judge Isaac H. Bronson


Folder  29                  Legal papers pertaining to Nimrod vs U.S.


Item  A                      Opinion, submitted to the Grand Jury, by Thomas Douglas,       

                                  U.S. Attorney.  1842

Item  B                      Opinion of the Court  1843.  13 pages

Item  C                      Decree.  Brig Nimrod to be sold at public auction.

Item  D                      Nimrod sold to Palmer & Ferris for $1815.00

Item  E                       Brig Louisiana.  Detained at Port Mosquito.


Folder  30                  Legal papers pertaining to the efforts of Palmer & Ferris to have

                                  their conviction overturned and to be compensated for damages.

Item  A                      Testimony of John Coffee & Francis Dancy, surveyors.

Item  B                      Testimony of John D. Sheldon, Inspector, Port of New Smyrna

Item  C                      Testimony of John Simpson, Sheriff of Orange County.

Item  D                      Testimony of Ira Carpenter, Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Keeper.

Item  E                       Testimony of Nicholas Sheppards.

Item  F                       Testimony of Dr. A. Speer.

Item  G                      A written statement by Judge Bronson saying that the two survey-

                                  ors in the first trial were mistaken.

Item  H                      Written statement by Thomas Douglas

                                  saying that there was in fact no cutting upon public lands and that,

                                  consequently, the condemnation of the  Brig Nimrod was



Item  I                        Palmer & Ferris’ petition to the court for compensation.


Item  J                       Written statement by the Committee of Claims to compensate

                                  Palmer & Ferris for $50,285.00.


Item K                       Itemized list of damages.  U.S. to Palmer & Ferris.