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Episode 13
Flagler County
Florida Frontiers, The Television Program:   Flagler County was established in 1917, but has historic sites from much earlier, including Mala Compra and the Bulow Plantation.

Episode 12
The Florida Folk Festival


The annual Florida Folk Festival celebrates and preserves the stories, music, dance, crafts, and food of the Sunshine State.





Episode 11
Luna Settlement Excavation


The Luna Settlement Excavation. Archaeologists have discovered the site of Don Tristan de Luna's ill-fated 1559 settlement in Pensacola.


Episode 10
Stetson Kennedy


Stetson Kennedy was an American author, civil rights activist, and pioneering oral historian and folklorist.


Episode 9
Fort Mose


Established near St. Augustine in 1738, Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mose was the first community of former slaves.



Episode 8
Tarpon Springs Epiphany
  Hundreds of Greeks sponge divers and their families moved to Tarpon Springs, Florida in 1905. Today, there are more Greek people per capita in Tarpon Springs than in any other American city. Episode 8 of Florida Frontiers TV explores the history of Greek culture and the annual Epiphany celebration in Tarpon Springs.

Episode 7
The Barber-Mizell Family Feud


On February 21, 1870, Sheriff David Mizell, his son Will, and brother Morgan went onto the property of Moses Barber to serve an arrest warrant. Tensions between the Barbers and Mizells had been growing for years, and the Sheriff had been warned that if he set foot on Barber land he would be killed. When the group stopped at Bull Creek, a shot was fired from behind some bushes. Sheriff Mizell was killed, becoming the first 

Episode 6
The Lost Years of Zora Neale Hurston

Florida writer, folklorist, and anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston was one of the most celebrated figures of the Harlem Renaissance, but died in obscurity.



Episode 5
Florida Nature Meets Florida Culture

We visit Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Bok Tower Gardens, Atlantic Center for the Arts, and Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens.

Episode 4
The Windover People

The Windover Dig in Titusville, Florida, was one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the world.

Episode 3
Exploring New Worlds

From Spanish colonization to the manned exploration of space, Florida establishes the boundaries of the Modern Era.

Episode 2
Everyday People Making History

Everyday people make history happen including author Stetson Kennedy and Civil Rights activist Barbara Vickers.

Episode 1
The Civil War in Florida

Florida’s involvement in the Civil War includes the Battle of Olustee and the sinking of the Maple Leaf.