Established in 1856, the Florida Historical Society (FHS) is an independent not-for-profit entity dedicated to educating the public about the rich history and culture of our diverse state. Publishing is at the heart of the Florida Historical Society mission. The Florida Historical Society began publishing our outstanding academic journal the Florida Historical Quarterly in 1908. Since 1925, the Florida Historical Society has been publishing books, beginning with the History of Jacksonville, Florida and Vicinity by T. Frederick Davis. For 78 years, the FHS only occasionally published books, but in 2003, the decision was made to establish a more active and regular publication schedule. Today, the Florida Historical Society Press is publishing between five and ten books per year.

The Florida Historical Society Press preserves Florida’s past through the publication of books on a wide variety of topics relating to our state’s diverse history and culture. We publish non-fiction books, of course, and our goal of disseminating Florida history to the widest possible audience is also well served by the publication of novels firmly based upon scholarly research.  Teachers and students alike find that our high quality fictionalized accounts of Florida history bring the past to life and make historic events, people and places more accessible and “real.” We also publish books focusing on creative expressions of Florida history and culture such as painting, cooking, and photography.

In addition to the Florida Historical Quarterly and the books of the FHS Press, we also publish history related blogs on our web site.