Florida & Caribbean Native People Paintings

200 pages.   Full color photographs of paintings with descriptons and additional sketches.  Size: 8.5" x 11"

For more than ten thousand years before Christopher Columbus "discovered" the Americas and Juan Ponce de León gave La Florida its name, there were thriving, complex societies of indigenous people living here. The land that would become the state of Florida was home to powerful, innovative tribes including the Timucua, the Apalachee, the Tocobaga, the Calusa, the Ais, and later the Seminole. The fascinating Taíno people populated the Caribbean.

Theodore Morris is known as the preeminent painter of Florida's indigenous people, and he now adds Caribbean culture to his repertoire. His artwork graces the covers of academic books and fills the walls of historical museums and art galleries throughout the state. In this book, Florida & Caribbean Native People: Paintings by Theodore Morris, the artist's own commentary on his work is augmented by the insights of some of Florida's leading archaeologists including Steven H. Koski, Keith Ashley, Bonnie G. McEwan, Brent R. Weisman, Ryan J. Wheeler, Robert S. Carr, Ann S. Cordell, and James P. Pepe.




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Florida & Caribbean Native People Paintings






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