Fast Florida History

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    Fast Florida History is a video series exploring the complex, and fascinating story of Florida’s past, produced by the Florida Historical Society.

    Each episode is approximately 3 minutes long and provides an overview of major events, people and themes that have shaped our history. Although designed for elementary school-aged students, these videos are a great way for anyone to get a quick helping of some Florida history and culture!

Fast Florida History Episode 6
Florida Citrus


The orange has become a well-known part of Florida’s identity. But how did citrus take root in the state? This video looks at the early history and lasting impact of citrus on the Sunshine State


Fast Florida History Episode 4
British Florida


Did you know that Florida was once a British colony? For 20 years, the British tried to turn Florida into a thriving colony. This episode explores the British experience in the south and discusses the role of Floridians during the American Revolutionary War.


Fast Florida History Episode 3
Florida During the Civil War


The American Civil War erupted out of a national struggle over slavery and the rights of states to protect that institution. Florida was one of the first states to leave the Union and join the Confederacy. This video looks at the causes and impacts of America’s Civil War in Florida.


Fast Florida History Episode 2
Florida During the Progressive Era


The early 20th century was a time of tremendous social change in the United States. The period was known as the Progressive Era, and as this episode of Fast Florida History explains, Florida’s experiences were unique.


Fast Florida History Episode 1
Florida's First People


Florida’s population is now nearly 22 million people, but who were the very first people to call Florida home? This video looks at the lives of the earliest Floridians.