Florida Frontiers

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War in Paradise: Stories of World War II in Florida

War in Paradise is a collection of articles about the impact of World War II on the Sunshine State. It covers subjects such as (1) German prisoners of war; (2) U-boat attacks along the Florida coast; (3) three Florida natives killed at Pearl Harbor; (4) Army Air Force bombing runs that fell on civilians in Florida; (5) German saboteurs who landed on the Florida peninsula; (6) RAF trainees in Florida; (7) the suicide of a German POW; and (8) the murder of a Floridian in German custody. The book also contains maps, pictures, and sources.


Guardian Angel 911: A series of Interconnected True Stories

Not unlike all our lives this book is a series of stories, separate but interconnected. They are all true with the exception of some literary license where details were lost in the telling and retelling. Guardian Angel 911 will provide an insight to the sojourn of a native, born in the isolated hammocks and swamps of the real Florida, before the population exploded in the third quarter of the twentieth century. - J.T. Glisson

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