Jackson Walker

From the early Spanish adventurers to the home we know today, the saga of Florida has been recorded in many ways. Now a most unique view has been created that gives testimony to the many triumphs and tragedies that have become our history.

This is the life-long work of native born, fifth generation Floridian and self taught artist Jackson Walker who has undertaken the task of bringing this legacy to life in his large oil paintings. With thorough research, including travel to sites, consultation with historians and experts on any given subject and with painstaking attention to detail, the stories are portrayed in a traditional oil painting style. Drawing from the examples of well known illustrative artists like N.C. Wyeth, Howard Pyle and Edouard Detaille, he executes his own technique with a storyteller’s approach that takes the viewer into a place as it would have appeared in reality.

Jackson Walker has elevated his career to a level of acceptance with collectors, institutions and individuals who hold his unique portrayals of Florida and its history in high regard.

  • Jackson Walker