Don't Tell: The Secrets of Pinehurst Seminary

Don't Tell: The Secrets of Pinehurst Seminary

2020 James J. Horgan Book Award Winner

Eleven-year-old Henry's life in Jacksonville, Florida is suddenly changed when his step mother convinces his father to send him and his sister Ruth to a boarding school in neighboring St. John's County. The siblings quickly learn that their circumstances, and their new home, are not at all what they imagined. Henry struggles to stay out of trouble and avoid the wicked headmistress, Miss Gertrude, and her heavy-handed punishments. Henry learns a lot about himself, and how to survive in difficult situations.


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Opening of the Carnegie Library

1905 – The Carnegie Library in Jacksonville was officially opened to the public on this date. In May of 1901 a devastating fire destroyed most buildings in Jacksonville including the city’s library. In 1902 industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie agreed to donate $50,000 towards the construction of a new library provided the city designate a site and provide $5,000 annually for library support. When the library was opened, it was the largest and only tax-payer supported library in Florida. The original building still exists, but is now privately owned.

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