Florida Frontiers Television

Documenting Florida Nature


Florida Frontiers: The Television Program of the Florida Historical Society is a half-hour television program airing on public television stations throughout the state. The first program premiered in January 2016.  This episode is about:

Florida nature as seen by naturalist William Bartram in the 1770s, ornithologist, naturalist, and painter John James Audubon in the 1830s, and wilderness and landscape photographer Clyde Butcher since the 1980s.

Flagler County

Florida Frontiers, The Television Program:   Flagler County was established in 1917, but has historic sites from much earlier, including Mala Compra and the Bulow Plantation.

Tarpon Springs Epiphany


Hundreds of Greeks sponge divers and their families moved to Tarpon Springs, Florida in 1905. Today, there are more Greek people per capita in Tarpon Springs than in any other American city. Episode 8 of Florida Frontiers TV explores the history of Greek culture and the annual Epiphany celebration in Tarpon Springs.

The Barber-Mizell Family Feud


On February 21, 1870, Sheriff David Mizell, his son Will, and brother Morgan went onto the property of Moses Barber to serve an arrest warrant. Tensions between the Barbers and Mizells had been growing for years, and the Sheriff had been warned that if he set foot on Barber land he would be killed. When the group stopped at Bull Creek, a shot was fired from behind some bushes. Sheriff Mizell was killed, becoming the first 

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