Florida Frontiers: The Weekly Radio Magazine

Florida Frontiers: The Weekly Radio Magazine of the Florida Historical Society is a weekly, half-hour radio program airing on public radiostations throughout the state beginning in January 2009. The program is a combination of interview segments and produced features covering history-based events, exhibitions, activities, places and people in Florida. We explore the relevance of Florida history to contemporary society and promote awareness of heritage and culture tourism options in the state.
Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in Miami
The Audubon Society in Florida
Documenting African American History in Apopka
Ernest Hemingway in Key West
Formerly Enslaved Alexander H. Darnes
Old Mount Carmel Church
Seth Weitz on the McDuffie Uprising
Weeki Wachee Mermaids
Dunedin Pipe Band
Gordon Wareham, Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum
Women in British Colonial Florida
Florida Minority Baseball Alliance
The Sisters of St. Joseph Mission Schoolhouse
An 1890 Murder Trial Over a Broken Engagement
Home Demonstration Programs for Florida Women
Tim Gilmore on the Architecture of Ted Pappas
The Equal Rights Amendment in Florida
Dual Language Curriculum at Coral Way Elementary
Endangered Historic Eatonville
Crime and Punishment in Antebellum Pensacola
Florida: A History in Pictures
Amy Anderson of the La Florida Archive
The 1968 Florida Teacher's Strike
Afrofuturism and Historic Eatonville
Archaeology at Cape Canaveral
Black Soldiers in World War II
The Pepper Hill Neighborhood
Remembering Ricou Browning
Segregated Housing in Dade County
The Spanish Military Hospital in St. Augustine
Carpenter Gothic Churches
Equalizing Teacher Salaries
A 1911 Automobile Adventure
"Good Day Sunshine State" by Bob Kealing
Glamorous Night Clubs in Miami Beach
Historically Black American Beach
The Intersection of History and Genealogy
Enterprising Rural Women in Florida
1924 Fire Truck “Grandma”
Fort Mose Jazz and Blues Concert Series
Real and Imagined Florida
Desi Arnaz in Miami
Zora! Festival 2023
Seductive 1920s Real Estate Advertising
Symrnea Archaeological Research Institute
Sea Level Rise, Archaeological and Historic Sites
Freedman's Bureau Diary
Black Lawyers in Early 20th Century Jacksonville
Tarpon Springs Greek Heritage
The Passage of Time
The Shade Tobacco Museum
Fort Christmas Historical Park
Literary Depictions of Christmas
The Steamboat Noah's Ark
One-man "A Christmas Carol"
Florida Phosphate and the Soviet Union
Surfing Santas
La Florida - The Interactive Digital Archive
1968 Teacher's Strike
Bending Towards Justice - Ocoee Massacre Exhibit
Historic Hungerford School Property Development
Crime and Punishment in Antebellum Pensacola
Miami Fashion Editor Joan Nielsen McHale
Gilbert King on the Groveland Case
The West Florida Rebellion
Maroons in Florida
The Real First Thanksgiving
The Johns Committee
Reddick Presbyterian Church
Creative Florida History
Historic Plat Maps
Colvin House in Polk County
Instrumental Work "Up The Ocklawaha"
Slavery in Spanish Florida
Rare Galiceno Horses