Florida Frontiers: The Weekly Radio Magazine

Florida Frontiers: The Weekly Radio Magazine of the Florida Historical Society is a weekly, half-hour radio program airing on public radiostations throughout the state beginning in January 2009. The program is a combination of interview segments and produced features covering history-based events, exhibitions, activities, places and people in Florida. We explore the relevance of Florida history to contemporary society and promote awareness of heritage and culture tourism options in the state.
Mother Laura Adorkor Kofi
The Florida State Census
Auto Racing in Daytona
Proposed Archaeology Legislation
2016 Zora Neale Hurston Festival
Apportionment in Florida
Bok Tower Gardens
WPA Documentation of Turpentine Industry
Railroad Development
Dr. Robert B. Hayling
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
Ernest Hemingway's Cats
Exploring New Worlds
Florida Frontiers Television
Bush v. Gore
Vizcaya Museum & Gardens
U.S. Senator David Levy Yulee
Urban Planning in Jacksonville
Remembering Evangeline Moore
The Real First Thanksgiving
Florida Sheet Music
100 Years of Hannibal Square
Alleged Spanish Colonial Voyage to Florida
Johns Committee Exhibit at USF
The People of Windover Exhibit
The Notorious Ashley Gang
Immigration to Sanford
Hell 'n Blazes Brewing Co.
Florida Geological Survey
Fort King Archaeology
William Culyer Hall's New Novel "Florida Boy"
Albert J. Russell and 19th Century Public Education
Rollins College in the 1920s
St. Augustine's 450th Anniversary
1605 Book About Hernando de Soto
Motivations for Spanish Colonialism
Cracker Cowboy Poet Hank Mattson
Labor Day Hurricane of 1935
KKK in Florida
Elvis Presley's 1956 Florida Tour
St. Augustine's Alcazar Hotel in the 1890s
Pre-Columbian Copper Tool Discovered in Jacksonville
Mosquitos, Alligators & Determination 2015
The Amazing Journey of Nathaniel H. Bishop
Traditional Bluegrass Music in Florida
Ann Browning Masters - Poetry of St. Augustine
Tin Can Tourist Glass Plate Negatives
Wooden Gothic Churches
Filthy Dreamers Documentary
Gregor McGregor and Amelia Island
Civil War Veteran's Retirement Community
Zora Neale Hurston 125th Birthday Cruise
Airplanes Importing Alcohol During Prohibition
19th Century Immigration
The Iconic Florida Song "Orange Blossom Special"
The 19th Century Courtmartial of William King
Fort King in the Second Seminole War
Everyday People Making History
Railroads in Florida
Early Horse Racing
The African Queen in Key Largo
18th Century Maps of Florida
Zora Neale Hurston and Food
Exploring New Worlds
The Hamilton R. Horsey Papers
Rum Runner Bill McCoy
Florida History Fair
2015 FHS Annual Meeting and Symposium
Spanish Exploration in the New World
Author Gary Mormino
The History of Sport Fishing in Florida
Early Racing in Florida
Sinking of the Steamship Maple Leaf
Handwritten Memoir of David Watt
The Play "A Vote: A Voice"