Home of Harry T. Moore bombed

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25 Dec 1951

A bomb exploded under the home of pioneering civil rights activists Harry T. and his wife Harriette V. Moore in Mims, fatally wounding the two. Harry T. Moore became a field officer for the NAACP and the group’s president in 1941 where he helped registered tens of thousands of African American voters.  Harry Moore, a school administrator in Brevard County, and Harriette V. Moore, a school teacher, lost their jobs in the county when they advocated an end to educational segregation and equal pay for African-American teachers. The most immediate, though unproven, cause for the bombing is thought to be a Ku Klux Klan response to a series of letters Harry Moore wrote to state and Federal officials calling for an investigation into the deaths of four African American prisoners in Lake County. The Moore Memorial Park and Cultural Center in Mims features a replica of their house and allows visitors to explore the history of the modern Civil Rights Movement and its effect on large and small communities and helps to preserve the memory of the Moores. 


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