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Clone of Fur Trade Florida

In 1763, Spain ceded the Florida territory to Britain in exchange for the Havana, a result of allegiances during the French and Indian War.  Known as the British Period (1763-1783) it marked the beginning of England’s colonization attempts on the peninsula. The dividing line between East and West Florida became the Apalachicola River, with the British colony of Georgia to the north, and the Mississippi River to the west. The territory was sparsely populated with most of the European colonists living in and around St.

Greetings from Florida

Memorabilia, souvenirs, and Floridiana from the post-WWII/pre-Disney tourism boom.

In this exhibit you will:

  • View over 250 pieces of Floridiana. 
  • Design your own souvenir plate.
  • Answer Florida tourism questions.
  • Snap a photo
  • Tell us where you've visited

One Room Schoolhouse

Mrs. Goode's Class: What were one-room schoolhouses like? Students in grades 1-8 all learned together. The oldest sat in the back, and the youngest in the front. They learned history, reading, writing, geography, and arithmetic. The room was heated by a wood burning stove. 

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