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Dr. Irvin D. S. Winsboro

Dr. Irvin D. S. Winsboro is senior professor of history at Florida Gulf Coast University who has traveled many countries and regions around the world. He has personally published more than seven books,contributed to other books, many articles and reviews. Most of this editorial work embraces scholarly journals, national works, and publishing houses and academic presses. 

Some of his achievements include:

Florida Frontiers “Sandra Parks discusses Stetson Kennedy”

The third and final presentation in the “Second Saturdays with Stetson Series” is Saturday, March 11, at 2:00 pm, at the Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science, 2201 Michigan Avenue, Cocoa. The free talk, presented in conjunction with the temporary exhibition “Stetson Kennedy’s Multicultural Florida” will feature Kennedy’s widow, author and educator Sandra Parks.

Florida Frontiers “Craig Pittman Oh, Florida!”

Florida is a popular destination for people around the world. It is also the place that brought terms such as “hanging chad,” “Stand Your Ground” and “Don’t Tase me, bro!” to our collective consciousness.

Craig Pittman is a columnist for the Tampa Bay Times, and the author of three books on Florida’s natural environment. Pittman’s latest book, “Oh, Florida! How America’s Weirdest State Influences the Rest of the Country” is humorous, but contains a lot of good information about Florida history and culture.

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