Florida Frontiers: The Weekly Radio Magazine

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings in Alachua County
Hugh Willoughby in the Everglades
Frank Evans in Lake Mary
Pre-Columbian Contact
Ormond Hotel Registries from the 1920s & '30s
Buckshot in the Seminole War
U.S. Lifesaving Service’s Houses of Refuge
Early University of Florida Yearbooks
Sanford Museum
Al Koller, Author of “Exploring Space – Opening New Frontiers”
First Comprehensive Effort to Map South Florida
Jacksonville’s Brooklyn Borough
Robert Kerstein, author of “Key West on the Edge”
Firsthand Account of the 1840 Attack on Indian Key
Norman Studios
Flagler County Centennial
Firsthand Account of the Battle of Pensacola
Randall Made Knives
Michael Gannon Remembered
Letterbook of Governor John Milton
The B-52 Bomber in Orlando
Bob Kealing on "Elvis Ignited"
Panton Leslie Company Documents
New Research on Zora Neale Hurston
Charles Hosmer Morse Museum 75th Anniversary
Florida School for the Deaf and Blind
Leslie Kemp Poole on Environmental History
Archaeological Ruins at Mala Compra and the Bulow Plantation in Flagler County
Lesser Known but Influential Women in Florida History
Lincoln High School in Gainesville, Florida
Archaeologist Jerald T. Milanich
The History of Birding in Florida
Community Based Research in Hannibal Square
Sandra Thurlow discusses Houses of Refuge
Florida Historical Society Conference Cruise
Bicentennial Exhibit
Senator Bob Graham and Chris Hand, authors of “America – The Owner’s Manual”
1860 Libel Case
Civil War Monuments
The Life and Career of Zora Neale Hurston
The Biography of Captain Joseph Fry
Jim Crow Railroad Cars
Arva Moore Parks on George Merrick and Coral Cables
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
Ernest Hemingway’s Cats
Albert C. Hine, author of “Geological History of Florida”
Airplanes and Alcohol During Prohibition
19th Century Immigration to Florida
The People of Windover Exhibit
The Notorious Ashley Gang
Immigration to Sanford
Craig Pittman, author of "Oh, Florida!"
Cape Canaveral vs. Cape Kennedy
Artist Albin Polasek
Remembering Evangeline Moore
The Real First Thanksgiving
Florida Sheet Music
Florida in the American Revolution
Miami Beach Hotels in the 1940s
The History of Pine Castle
A Murder in 1800 St. Augustine
19th Century Property Surveys
Central Florida Navy League
Stetson Kennedy's 100th Birthday
Historic Florida Postcards
The Miami Seahawks
The Barber-Mizell Family Feud of 1870
The First English Translation of Hererra
Pelican Island
Luna Settlement Site
Florida's First Laws
1968 Constitution
Florida Frontiers Festival & Musician Ben Prestage
Letter Book of Governor John Milton
History of the B-52 Bomber in Orlando


Florida Frontiers: The Weekly Radio Magazine of the Florida Historical Society is a weekly, half-hour radio program airing on public radiostations throughout the state beginning in January 2009. The program is a combination of interview segments and produced features covering history-based events, exhibitions, activities, places and people in Florida. We explore the relevance of Florida history to contemporary society and promote awareness of heritage and culture tourism options in the state.