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Until further notice, the public facilities operated by the Florida Historical Society are accessible by appointment only, and face coverings are required for entry.

  • To schedule an appointment to access the Library of Florida History, please email archivist @, or call 321-690-1971 ext. 211.
  • To schedule a small group tour of the Historic Rossetter House Museum and Gardens, please email site-manager @, or call 321-254-9855.
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  • Today in Florida History May 16, 1986 – West German snake researcher Juergen Herger began a 100-day experiment living with poisonous snakes at a zoo near Pensacola on this date. Juergen broke the world record by 10 days while sleeping in a glass room with 28 snakes including cobras, vipers and rattlesnakes, as well as some non-venomous species. The goal of his research was to determine how different snake species interacted with...Read more

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