Naval Air Station Pensacola

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09 Oct 1913

The Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels appointed a board to survey the needs of Naval aeronautical development and establish a policy to guide future development on this date. One of the most important recommendations made by the board was to establish an aviation flight school in Pensacola, FL. By early 1917, NAS Pensacola, which was the only naval air station in the country, had only 38 pilots and 54 aircraft, but by the end of WWI the air station had trained over 1,000 naval aviators. During the Second World War NAS Pensacola trained 1,100 cadets a month, making it the hub of naval aviation training. Today Naval Air Station Pensacola is still the initial primary training base for all Navy, Marine and Coast Guard aviators as well as Naval Flight Officers, and is also the home of the Blue Angels Demonstration Squadron.     


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