The Treaty of Payne’s Prairie was confirmed

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28 Mar 1833

1833 - The Treaty of Payne’s Prairie was confirmed on this date with the signing of the Treaty of Fort Gibson.  Seminoles agreed to the removal of the Seminole people from Florida in the Treaty of Fort Gibson, Arkansas, after their investigation of the new western lands.  Removal would take place within three years. Chief Charley-E-Mather agreed to the removal.  Not all Seminole leaders agreed with this, and on their return to Florida announced that they had only agreed that the lands in Arkansas were satisfactory.  Arpeika (Sam Jones), Jumper, Black Dirt, and Halpatter-Tustenuggee (Alligator) were opposed. The Treaty of Payne’s Landing was ratified by the U.S. Senate April 12th, 1834, and signed on May 9th, 1832 while a second treaty was signed on March 28, 1833 at Fort Gibson after seven Seminole delegates inspected the lands being offered to ousted tribes during relocation.  This Fort Gibson Treaty stated that Seminoles would live on Creek land after surrendering Seminole lands to the U.S. government.  Provisions from the first treaty included food, land, and a shirt and blanket for each member as compensation for Western cold climate.


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