Carrabelle Hurricane

Date in History: 

01 Aug 1899

1899 – A powerful category 2 hurricane known as the 1899 Carrabelle hurricane made landfall near Apalachicola on this date. The storm was first observed near the Dominican Republic on July 28th, and then briefly made landfall over Islamorada before entering the Gulf of Mexico on July 30th. Damage in Florida’s panhandle was extensive. The city of Carrabelle was almost completely wiped from the map, at least 57 vessels were destroyed, and the small communities of Lanark, St. Teresa and McIntyre also suffered significant damage. Seven deaths were linked to the storm, and hundreds were injured. Monetary losses at Carrabelle alone were estimated at $100,000. This was only the second of five major storms that would impact Florida in 1899.


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