Pensacola strike and riots

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11 Apr 1908

1908 – Citizens of Pensacola were still dealing with a large riot that was taking place in their city between electric streetcar employee union workers and strike breakers from New York on this date. The strike began on April 6th shortly after workers at the Pensacola Electric Company unionized and negotiations over wages and other issues between the two sides were at an impasse. When the company decided to send in strike breakers from New York on April 10th, violence broke out and continued intermittently until early May resulting in dozens of injuries, at least one death, thousands of dollars in damage, and prompted Governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward to send in the state militia and declare martial law. The 1908 electric streetcar worker strike in Pensacola was one of the largest in Florida up to that date. Although neither side won any real concessions as a result of the violence, it served as an impetus for other labor unions around the state to politically organize its membership.

  • Pensacola strike and riots


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