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Journal of J. N. Glenn



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March 2011


(Note to researchers: The document described herein, less the appendices, was published in The Florida Historical Quarterly, XXIV (2), October 1945, as A Diary of Joshua Nichols Glenn, pp 121-161. It is accessible online through JSTORS).


Descriptive Summary  


                Provenance:  Glenn, Miss Layona, Conyers, GA.

                Title:               Journal of the First Part of My Life up to the Twenty Third Year of My Age

                Dates:             1823 – 1824

Abstract:       This is an extract of portions from the journal kept by Reverend J. N. Glenn. The period covered in this extract begins on February 1, 1823, when Glenn departed his home in Georgia to begin a journey to Florida for missionary work for the Methodist Church. It ends at the end of 1823, but an appendix lists a few activities conducted in early 1824. The journal is annotated with descriptive/identification notes provided in the margins.

Extent:          .10 linear feet.

Identification: MS ????                                    


Biographical/Historical Note


The collection includes only limited biographical information on Reverend Glenn; other information included herein is taken from the Florida Historical Quarterly paper identified above. A notation on the title page states that he had an “only son”, J. J. W. Glenn, who was a surgeon in the Confederate Army, and a granddaughter, Miss Layona Glenn of Conyers, GA, who preserved and retained the original of her grandfather’s journal.  Glenn was born in Jackson County, Georgia, on July 11, 1799, the son of James Glenn, a veteran of The Revolution. At the time covered by the journal, Glenn’s family apparently lived somewhere near Athens, GA. He departed there on the first day of February, 1823, for Savannah, with stops on the way in Athens, Lexington, Washington, Augusta, Jacksonboro, and Turkey Creek.  He sailed from Savannah on March 19 and arrived at St. Marys River, FL, on March 22. On April 1 he departed for St. Augustine by Mail boat, arriving there on April 8 after a trying journey that included stops at Fernandina, Talbot Island, and Pablo, FL. For the remainder of 1823 Glenn engaged in missionary activity including preaching, performing baptisms, and conducting marriage and funeral services. In 1824 he was appointed to Camden, SC, and departed St. Augustine. In 1826 he married Sarah Garland Wingfield of Washington, GA. He continued to serve churches without remuneration in Lawrenceville, GA, and Newton County, GA, until his death in 1879.





Scope and Content


The document is a typewritten manuscript titled, “A Memorandum or Journal of the first part of my life up to the twenty third year of my age.”  Following the last entry in the journal there are several “appendices” consisting of lists related to Glenn’s activities in St. Augustine. A handwritten note on the title page gives the date of February 1823. A further typed note, pasted to the title page, notes that the original diary is retained by Miss Layona Glenn of Conyers, GA, daughter of  J. J. W. Glenn,  only son of the diarist. A second, introductory page notes that the (original?) manuscript was microphotographed at the National Park Service Library, Fort Marion, on May 4, 1940. The document described herein consists of two typewritten copies, apparently transcribed from the microphotographed copy at Fort Marion. The two copies appear to have been typed at different times; the apparently older copy is on paper that is yellowed and more brittle than the supposed later copy. The older copy contains handwritten notes that do not appear on the later copy, and the older copy alone has a note on the first page stating, “The notes of identification have been supplied by Mrs. M. A. Johnson, Acting Secretary and Acting Librarian of the Florida Historical Society.”  Those notes are handwritten on the typescript and provide additional information concerning journal entries (e.g., identification of persons mentioned only by name in the text). Both copies have page numbers, beginning with the number 100, at the top of each page. The earlier copy also has page numbers stamped at the bottom, beginning with number 41 (corresponding to number 100 at the top of the page.) A discrepancy between page numbers appears to indicate that numbers 169 and 170 may have been transposed at some time.


The journal describes Glenn’s journey to St. Augustine and his activities there as a Methodist missionary. Of significant note is the activity of Mr. Glenn regarding the performance of marriages and baptisms: among the latter is detailed information regarding the baptism of African American slaves by name and the names of their owners.


The following summary of journal entries is keyed to dates and/or page numbers at the top of the pages. Information is provided on key activities for the entry periods and names/persons mentioned in the entries. Full names and titles are given when available, and identities are noted where provided by Mrs. Johnson’s notes. For names that are mentioned more than once, only the first mention is noted.



Description of Collection


Feb 1 to Apr 8, 1823 (pp100-117): Travel from Athens, GA, to St, Augustine, FL.


-          Places visited: Lexington, GA; Rock Meeting House; Washington, GA; Columly (Columbia?) County, GA; Augusta, GA; Augusta, GA; Jacksonboro, GA; Turkey Creek, GA; Savannah, GA;  St. Mary’s, GA(?); Fernandina, FL; Amelia Island, FL; Talbot Island, FL; St. Johns Sound, FL; Pablo, FL; St. Augustine, FL.


-          Persons named: Brother (Br) Hardy; Br Sappington;Br J. W. Glenn; Br Jones; Br Travis; Br. Daughterty; Br Rolston; Br Manly; Brs Howard, Sneed and Treadwell; Br Sheperd; Bishop R.E. Roberts; Father Smith; Br Hamil; Miss J. Bird; Mr. Bird; Brs Chapel, Kenedy, Bass and Hill; A. Ordained Ministers A. Porifoy, P.G. Mcdonel, Elias Sinclair, Elizah Sinclair, N. Laney, J.I. Triggs, M. Mcferson, B. English, and J. Reynols; J.H. Robinson; J. Riley; A. Norman; Dr. D. Hall; Father Warwick; Mr. S. Streeter;  Capt. Richardson (Schooner Mary Mcoy); Mr. Ripley; Br Laney; Sister Besant; Capt. Houston; Mrs. Duese; John Gyles (engraver who kept a shop jewelry); Mr. (Squire) Streeter (merchant with partner, R.D. Jourohman, and operated a general store in St. Augustine – later served as sheriff); Sister Streeter; Judge Penn ( Thomas H. Penn {wife Elizabeth}, postmaster who also served as mayor and county judge in St. Augustine); Dr. A.Guthrie (St. Augustine physician); Sarah Gereez Green (daughter of John Green, baker)


April 9 to June 30 (pp 117 to 141). Missionary activities in St. Augustine.


-          Noted Activities: Apr 10, description of Fort San Marco; April 18, description of Seminole Indians;  15 – 22 May; discussion concerning black members of the congregation.


-    Persons Named: Parson Andrew Fowler; Parson C. Feltch; Br. N. Laney; Revd            Mr. Frey (converted Jew); Capt. Erving; Rev. J. Summerfield; Br. J. O. Andrew (of Savannah); Br. J. Travis (of Washington); Br. Elias Sinclair; Col (Charles W.) Bulow; Br. Smith; Dr. Richard Murray (St Augustine physician); Gov. Duvall; Sr. Streeter; Minister Eleazar Lathrop (organized the first Presbyterian Church with Rev. Wm. McWhir);   Br. Wingfield; Br. Turner; Sr. Eunice; Br. Purifoy; Sr. Stone (of Savannah); Esq. Wm G, Davis (St Augustine City Marshal); Sr. Brown; Br. F.M. Stone; John Newcomer;  Mr. James Riz (President of Board of Aldermen);  Sarah Elvyra Davis.  



July 1 to Sep 30 (pp 142 to 155): Continued Missionary Activity in St Augustine.


-          Noted Activities: Aug 1, description of large numbers of dead fish in the river, attributed to large infusion of fresh water; Sep 6, report of negotiations for the Treaty of Fort Moultrie, including description of Seminole delegates to treaty discussions; Sep 22-25, report of a strong “gail,” possibly a hurricane.


-   Persons Named: Brs. Sinclair and Winn; Sr. Arnold; Capt. Hubert; Hon. J. L. Smith (Mayor of St. Augustine and father of Confederate Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith); Mr. C. Hinds; Dr. Guthre; David Ackley; Sarah Huse; Br. And Sr. Rowan; Parson Lathrop; Franci(e?)s S Morgan; Brs. Bangs and Mason of NY; Hon. D. Floid (Floyd: U.S. Land Commisioner for East Florida; Treasurer of Territory of Florida); Mr. W. Smith (Waters Smith, U.S. Marshal and Mayor of St. Augustine); Judge Blair (William W. Blair, Superior Court of Florida and U. S. Land Commissioner); Mr. Wallen (Elias Wallen, merchant and Trustee of the Presbyterian Church; also St. Augustine city tax collector and Treasurer); Parson Motte (Mellis J. Motte, Episcopalian Minister and missionary); Capt. Richardson of St. Mary’s, GA; Br. Samuel Hamilton of Indiana; Mr. DuBose; Dr. Hall; Br. And Sr. Golier; Sr. Sturn; Capt. Wm. Levingston (formerly of Chareston and member of the Board of Pilotage; operated the Union Hotel); King (sic) Nehlemathla of the Seminoles; Dr. Wm. Mcroskery (William McCoskey, physician and President of St. Augustine Board of Health); Mr. Cashen; Mrs. Chairs; Br. D. Grant; Emely, Harriet, Samuel, Elizabeth and Margaret Gary; Dr. Wm. Robinson.



Oct 1 to Dec 31 (pp 156 to 167): Continued Missionary Activity in St. Augustine.


Noted Activities: Description of “superstitious” aspects of Catholics of the Spanish Catholics’ burial practices, the use of  Latin in the Church, and the doctrine of Purgatory.. Account of contributions from Blacks.



            Persons Named: Mr. Loring; Mr. BuBose; Br. A. Turner; Mr. A. Meal; Mrs. Burgoss; Br. Floid; N. Bostick; Br. N. Laney;  J. Dunmoody; J. Reynolds; T.L. Winn; E. Sinclair; P. L. Wade;  A. P. King; J. C. Talbot; Sr. M. A. Stone; Gov. W. P. Duval; Br. J. O. Andrew; Sr. S. Broon; Margaret Lidia DuBose; Elizabeth Peck DuBose; James Lawrence DuBose; William Lewis DuBose; Wm. Allen; Ann SimpsonPolly McRay; Wm. Simpson; Revd. Bangs; Revd(?) Mason; Mr. Beal; Sarah Ann Beal.



Appendices to Journal


Page 168, Persons Baptised by me, J.. N.. Glenn in A..D..1823.


            Apri 10,   Sarah Terecy Green, Age 1.

            Jun 15,     Jane Terecy Newcummer, Age 3.

            Jun 29,     Sarah Elvyrah Davis, Age 1.

            July 12,    Mary Ann McRay, Age 1 6/12.

            Sep 28,     Emely Ann Garey, Age 7.

            Sep 28,     Harriet Ann Garey, Age 5 1/12.

            Sep 28,     Samuel Ann Garey, Age 4.

            Sep 28,     Elizabeth Ann Garey, Age 2 6/12.

            Sep 28,     Margaret Ann Garey, Age 1.

            Dec 19,     Susannah Brown, Age 35.

            Dec 21,     Margaret Lidia DuBose , Age 8.

            Dec 21,     Elizabeth Dick DuBose, Age 5.

            Dec 21,     James Lawrence DuBose, Age 5.

            Dec 21,     William Lewis DuBose, Age 6/12.    

            Dec 24,     Polly Lewis McRay, Age 28.

            Dec 24,     William Lewis Simpson, Age 3.

            Dec 31,     Sarah Ann Beal, Age 2/12.

            Jan 18,  1824,    Robert Waterson, Age 1/12.



Page 169,        Date of Baptism          Blacks Names             Age     Owners Names


                           May 28                     Hannah                        45        Burnell’s – Penns, Jan 18

                           June 5                       Hariette Ann Roberts    4        Garey’s – Gildy – 12

                           Jun 5                         Sarah Ann Roberts        2        Garey’s – Moses – 10

                           July 20                      Monday                       45       Smith’s -- Betty

                           July 20                      Becky                          30       Smith’s

                           Oct 5                                    Jack                             30       Smith’s – Free  Jan 18

                           Oct 22                      Tyrah                           28       DuBose’es – Ann – 20

                           Dec 21                      Adam                          40       Cook’s

                           Dec 21                      Amy                            25       Cook’s

                           Dec 21                      Hyder                          20       Campbell’s

                           Dec 21                      Harry                           30       Campbell’s

                           Dec 21                      John                             25       Campbell’s

                           Dec 21                      Cloe                             45       Campbell’s

                           Dec 21                      Judy                            20       Smith’s

                           Dec 21                      Lucy                            40       Ferrah’s

                           Dec 21                      Nancy                          30       Ferrah’s

                           Dec 21                      Rommanah                  25       Ferrah’s

                           Jan 11 1824              Jacob                              3       Ferrah’s

                           Jan 18                       Aley                                        DuBose’s

                           Jan 18                       Dolly                           14       Du Boses

                           Jan 18                       Issac                            10       DuBoses


Page 170,


            Marriages Solemnized by me 1n A. D. 1823.


                        July 7     David Ackley to Sally Hughes                     St. Augustine

                                      (David Ackley, sgt., 4th Regiment, stationed in St. Augustine)


                        July 17   John Newcumer to Francis S. Morgan          St. Augustine

                                      (John Newcomer lived near Fort Picolata in 1818)


                        Dec 24   William Allen to Ann Simpson                    St. Augustine


Page 170,


            Funeral Services Performed by me in A. D. 1823 .


                        May 8    Colonel Charles W. Bulow                           St. Augustine

                                      (Charles W, Bulow, see Florida Historical Quarterly XXIII, 230)

                        Sep 30   The Masonic of Dr William Robinson          St. Augustine


Pages 171 and 178:


            Monies received for my Support in St. Augustine, 1823.


            (Note: This is a listing, with dates and dollar amounts, of individuals and organizations that made donations to Glenn’s missionary efforts. The listing detailed below omits the dates and amounts, and includes only the names and the notes of Mrs. Johnson, where applicable. One entry is identified only as, “The Blacks,” presumably a reference to a group of African-American parishioners. Unless otherwise noted, the donors are described as being residents of St. Augustine)


            The Young Mens Missionary S’y of Savanah.

            Mr M. E. Levy (Father of David Levy Yulee and large landowner).

            Hon J. L. Smith.

            Mr Wm Smith

            Mr J. Y. Garvey (auditor of Florida Territory).

            Mr S. Streets

            Mr J. M. Hanson (shopkeeper in 1823).

            Mr W. R. Tabor (William R. Tabor, alderman in 1823).

            Mr W. Levingston

            Mr W. G. Davis

Mr R. Loring (Reuben Loring, from North Carolina, contractor, father of Gen W. W.   Loring).

Rev’d A. Turner, The P. E.

Mrs E. Penn

Hon Wm P. Duval

Mr R. D. Jourolman (Robert D.,merchant, partner of S. Streeter, kept book and stationery store).

Mr J. Drydel (John Drysdale, attorney, alderman in 1823, county judge).

Mr G. W. Peperall (Gabriel W., legislative Council of Florida Territory, 1823).

Mr A. Stoars (Andrew Storrs, tavern keeper, administrator).

Mr J. P, Cotter 9James P., established classical school in 1823).

Mr J. DuBose

Mag (sic) Ben Chairs (Benjamin Chaires, President of Board of Aldermen).

Dr R. Murray.

Mr D. Fleshman ( Dirk Fleischman, cigar maker, wife Elizabeth).



Page 173:


            Monies Paid Mr S. Streeter for my Board in St. Augustine, 1823.


            (Note: This is a listing of amounts paid by others to support Glenn’s boarding at Mr. Streeters. The names listed are all noted in the previous lists from pp. 171 and 172).


Page 174:


            My Traveling Expenses for the year 1823.


            (Note: This is a listing of expenses for travel and for supplies for the church).



Pages 175 and 176:


            A List of Letters received and From Whome (sic) received …. 1823.


            (Note: This is a listing, with dates of the letters and the receipt dates, that Glenn received during the year. The names are among those already noted in the above text).



Following page 176 are two pages that appear out of sequence. One is noted as page 118 and appears to have been taken from that page in the original journal: it is a sketch drawing of Fort San Marco. The other is not numbered and appears to be a tracing, enlarged three times, of the original, handwritten title page of the journal.



At the end of the manuscript two additional pages have been attached. They appear to be an expanded version of some the handwritten notes of Mrs. Johnson’s notes that had been inserted in the text. This version includes information on the location of houses occupied by the subjects of the identification notes.