Fort Dade Papers, 1838





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Historical Note

An E. W. Morgan, the assistant Commissary of Subsistence, signs most documents. Papers concerning the hospital at Fort Dade are signed by Doctor S. B. Arnold. The Georgia and Alabama volunteers appear on several documents as receiving food and horses from the Fort. Other soldiers are mentioned by name on documents as receiving supplies or being paid for services rendered to the US army.

Scope and Content

The collection contains 92 documents, all pertaining to the 2nd Seminole Indian War (1835- 1842), that include mainly receipts, requisitions for supplies and abstracts of provisions. The documents all date back to 1838, the earliest from January that year. Most of the documents from October of 1838 are from Fort Niagara.


This collection is divided into 11 folders arranged in chronological order and contained in one box.


Donated to the Florida Historical Society December 27, 1976 by S. George Trager of Miami Beach, Florida.


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Subject Headings

Morgan, E. W.

Arnold, S. B.

Fort Dade

Forts, Florida

Seminole Indian Wars

Alabama Volunteers- 2nd Seminole Indian War

Georgia Volunteers- 2nd Seminole Indians War

Financial Records- 2nd Seminole Indian War

Military History- Florida


January- March 1838

Contains 11 items that include requisitions and receipts for food and forage at Fort Dade. Lieutenant E. W. Morgan signs most documents but W. W. Chopman signs one receipt. Also contains requisitions for forage by the 1st Brigade Georgia Mounted Volunteers. Receipts and requisitions concerning the Georgia Volunteers are signed by G. W. Ware and by Willis Bobo.


January 1838

Contains 8 items that include abstracts of provisions and extra issues, money invoices, bills paid for services rendered, and estimates of funds required for provisions. Most of the items are signed by E. W. Morgan. Several items involving the hospital at Fort Dade are signed by Doctor S. B. Arnold. The estimate for funds required to pay for provisions and contingencies are for troops stationed at Buffalo, NY at Fort Niagara.


February 1838

Contains 9 items that include abstracts of provisions and extra issues, abstract of provisions for the Fort Dade hospital, accounting provisions received and issued, invoice of subsistence items, and receipts. Again, E. W. Morgan signs most items. However, items concerning the Fort Dade hospital are signed by S. B. Arnold. Other persons mentioned in this folder are Lieutenant John C. Casey (delivered subsistence items to troops stationed at Fort Dade) and Rufus Berker.


March 1838

Contains 10 items that include requisitions for stationary, abstracts of provisions, abstracts of disbursements for transportation repairs, abstract of accounting (purchases and expenditures), lists of camp and garrison equipment, receipts, and a duplicate of an order from the United States Army confirming a payment made by Dosheimer and Co. in October of 1838. E. W. Morgan signs items in this folder. The "11" Company, 2nd artillery is mentioned in a requisition for stationary.


March 1838

Contains 9 items that include abstracts of expenditures, abstracts of stationary issues, bill paid for serviced rendered at Fort Dade, abstract of provisions, invoices of subsistence, and receipts. E. W. Morgan signs all items in this folder. A Lieutenant S. J. Gheguire is mentioned in a receipt for his services to Fort Dade.


March 1838

Contains 10 items that include abstracts of provisions, invoice subsistence, requisition for forage, returns of forage for horses, and receipts concerning the rations at the hospital at Fort Dade. The requisitions for forage and the forage returns come for the Georgia and Alabama volunteers. All other items are signed by E.W. Morgan and items concerning the hospital at Fort Dade are signed by Dr. S.R. Arnold.


April 1838

Contains 10 items that include records of payment for services rendered, invoice of ordinances, and the requisition and proof of payment for forage. People paid for services rendered were Peter Tropher, Lt. Gheguirere, Reuben Herndon, John O’Brien, and Walker Wilmot. Also mentioned in an item concerning an invoice for forage forwarded to Lt. John W. McCrabb to be delivered to Lt. E.W. Morgan.


April 1838

Contains 8 items that include abstracts of provisions and extra issues, recorded expenditures, a record for services rendered by Jason B. Maynard, and the acknowledgement of a saddle blanket turned over to Lt. E.W. Morgan.


May- June 1838

Contains 4 items that include a receipt for public pubic property (horses and riding gear) delivered to Fort Brooke, an abstract of articles received at Fort Dade for the quarter ending June 30th, and a list of camp and garrison equipment issued at Fort Dade. Most items are signed by or mention Lt. E.W. Morgan.


August 1838

Contains 4 items that include paid invoices and bills for provisions. Mentioned, as being paid for provisions are R.H. Folger, Petro & Riot, and Gilbert & Sons. A bill for bacon and salt is signed by Henry Alexander.


September 1838

Contains 4 items that include an abstract of purchases, receipts of payment, and paid invoices. Mentioned in the paid invoices are Dorsheim & Co., and A.G. Springsteels.