Windover Archaeological Site

The Windover Archaeological Site, the most significant burial complex in North America, is a charnel pond used by early hunter-gatherers more than 7,000 years BP.

In 1982, a backhoe driver named Steve Vangerjagt discovered one of the most important archaeological burial sites in North America. Vanderjagt was working at a site at the shallow pond near Titusville for Jim Swann's development compnay. As the backhoe raised a bucket full of dirt from the murky swamp-like environment, a new chapter in Florida's pre-history was written.

Inside the exhibit:

  • Walk through a reconstruction of the burial dig site. 
  • Gaze into the eyes of 'Windover Woman'.
  • See original grave goods from Florida's Archaic Period.
  • Try your hand at bioarchaeology at our interactive lab station.

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