The Ice Age

During Florida’s Pleistocene Ice Age, megafauna (large mammals) dominated what was then a savannah-like landscape. Learn about giant ground sloths, mastodons, mammoths, saber-toothed cats, the American lion, glyptodonts, giant beavers, bison, tapiers, giant tortoises, dire wolves, and more. 

Inside the exhibit:

  • See enormous creatures that once roamed the state.
  • Touch real fossils.
  • Take your photograph from inside the jaws of the megalodon.
  • Step into the South Indian Field Archaeological dig site.

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Bones the Mastodon

The American Mastodon (Mammut americanum), lived during the Pleistocene between 10 and 12 thousand years ago. This 11 foot cast, was created by Dr. Cliff Jeremiah. The mastodon was found in the Aucilla River near Tallahassee. He was discovered on a dive in 1968, and the underwater excavation took three years. Mastodons were smaller than wooly mammoths and their appearance was closer to that of modern elephants, their distant relatives.


Dire Wolves

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The Dire Wolf


Horses of the Ice Age

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"Primitive Horses"