Eyes Open, Hands On!

Enjoy colorful exhibits that lead you through time from the days of woolly mammoths and saber tooth cats, to the modern era of rockets and space shuttles. Handle fossils and artifacts from animals and cultures that lived here thousands of year ago.

Permanent Exhibits:

  • Ice Age Animals– Including a mastodon, giant ground sloth and sabre tooth cat
  • The Windover archaeological site (the most significant burial complex in North America)
  • Florida History – Homesteading, Cracker culture, transportation and more

For Kids Only

Imagination Station:  A hands on activity zone where children can act out a piece of history or indulge in a flight of imagination with a mock space capsule, treehouse and black light cave

Nature Preserve and Trails

Twenty-two acres of preserved nature trails and a beautiful butterfly garden sponsored by our local Florida Master Gardner’s organization