Frank Thomas

Frank Thomas (born August 2, 1943) is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist from Florida. A native Floridian, he was a 2013 inductee into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame

Born and raised in Clay County, Frank Thomas is a native Floridian whose ancestors came to Florida to farm in the late eighteenth-century. Members of his family fought in the Second Seminole War and in the Civil War; they also continued farming until the 1950s. This direct connection with the land and heritage of English-speaking Florida inspired for much of his music.  Thomas relates that his entire family played music and that he “learned guitar so young that he doesn’t remember learning.” Before the age of 10, he began singing with his family’s gospel group. Later he began to attend square dances, where he learned the fiddle from a traditional fiddler named Allie Murray. He also received inspiration from his mother who wrote songs about Florida.

Frank has inspired many songwriters to write songs about Florida’s history, environment, and colorful characters. Frank, in recent years, has also teamed up with Stetson Kennedy to provide their audiences an entertaining and informative program starting with Frank and his music and ending with a Stetson Kennedy interview, then taking questions from the audience. He is referred to by some, as The Dean of Florida Folk because of hundreds of assignments given to songwriters, over the years, to write about some of the lesser-known events in the state’s history. 

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    Frank Thomas