Florida's Maritime Heritage: The Sketchbook of Philip Ayer Sawyer 1938

This is intended to be a faithful reproduction of the original, with background information added as a Introduction and to accompany some of the sketches. Sawyer's expectation was that his drawings should eventually illustrate a manuscript which would describe the maritime history of Florida. In a small way it is hoped this book, in his memory and seventy-five years later, may that purpose.


American Revolution Era Shipwreck

Every Fourth of July, Floridians celebrate Independence Day with cookouts, hometown parades, and of course, fireworks as America’s victory over the British in the American Revolution is commemorated.

Not all American colonists supported the war, though. Many remained dedicated to King George III and England. As the American Revolution progressed, these Loyalists became refugees and were forced to flee the colonies.

From 1763 to 1783, Florida remained under British control; so many Loyalists came here from the American colonies to the north.

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