Cracker Cowboy

Jacob Summerlin

The book Jacob Summerlin: King of the Crackers by Joe Akerman and Mark Akerman. In this brief biography, Joe and Mark Akerman manage to capture the essence of Jake Summerlin's life and the broader scope of Florida history.


Florida Frontiers “The Barber-Mizell Family Feud of 1870”

Moses Barber had simply had enough of his cattle going missing. He believed that David Mizell and his friends were periodically stealing from his herd. His rage reached a point where Barber publically declared that if Mizell set foot on his property again, he would be shot.

On February 21, 1870, David Mizell became the first casualty of the Barber-Mizell Family Feud. He was shot and killed on Barber property near Holopaw, Florida, in Osceola County.

Florida Boy

Florida Boy is the prequel to the award winning novel The Trouble With Panthers by William Culyer Hall. The Rawlerson family first settlesin south central Florida in the late nineteenth century.


Florida Frontiers “Floridanos, Menorcans, Cattle-Whip Crackers: Poetry of St. Augustine”

Three sisters entertained Union soldiers in their St. Augustine home during the Civil War, carefully gathering information. While two sisters continued to distract the soldiers, the third, Lola Sanchez rode a horse through backwoods and marshes to relay Union plans to Confederate forces.

Poet Ann Browning Masters is related to the Sanchez sisters and writes a poem from Lola’s perspective in the new book “Floridanos, Menorcans, Cattle-Whip Crackers: Poetry of St. Augustine.”

Florida Frontiers “Benjamin Dehart, The Cracker Tenor”

The clear, strong, almost operatic singing of Benjamin Dehart can be heard accompanied by his skillful acoustic guitar playing at annual events such as the Florida Folk Festival in White Springs, the Fall Pioneer Jamboree in Barberville, Patrick Smith Day in Holopaw, the Cowboy Heritage Festival in Kissimmee, and the Will McLean Florida Folk Festival in Dade City.

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