African American History

Hannibal Square Heritage Collection, The: Photographs and Oral Histories

The historic photographs published in this book are part of the permanent collection and display at the Hannibal Square Heritage Center, located in Winter Park, Florida, USA.  The center is a program of Crealdé School of Art and is operated in partnership with the City of Winter Park.  The Heritage Center was established in 2007 as a tribute to the past, present and future of Winter Park’s African American community.


Before His Time: The Untold Story of Harry T. Moore America's First Civil Rights Martyr

On Christmas night, 1951, a bomb exploded in Mims, Florida, under the home of civil rights activist and educator Harry T. Moore.

Harry and his wife Harriette both died from injuries sustained in the blast, making them the first martyrs of the contemporary civil rights movement.  They were killed twelve years before Medgar Evers, fourteen years before Malcolm X, and seventeen years before Martin Luther King, Jr.

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