Randal J. Agostini

"Family Man, Flyer, Businessman, Writer, Sailor, Gardener. I enjoy it all"

Background Information:

I was born on the beautiful tropical island of Trinidad, the land of the Hummingbird, Steel Pan and Calypso. At a very young age I was taken to England where I attended school until graduation, at which time I joined the British Army. The rythm of the tropics never leaves you so I returned to my homeland and became a businessman until I was able to indulge myself in my dream - to fly.

In 1967, after graduating from flying college in England I returned to Trinidad  and became a pilot with B.W.I.A. the national airline of Trinidad and Tobago. In those days there was no flight guide for the Caribbean, so during my off time I researched and pubished my first book - Caribbean Flite Guide, which was released in 1974. This was a VFR (Visual Flight Rules) aviators guide for the Caribbean. I especially enjoyed the research as it brought me to every single island in the Caribbean where there was an airfield. Towards the end of a protracted strike I began a career in General Aviation and built the first General Aviation Center and Charter business in Trinidad. This was an exciting time of experiences and opportunities, which form the catalyst for producing my latest publication- To be a Pilot. 

When I emigrated to the United States I was married, with two small boys and held an interest in a General Aviation business in Miami. I also flew with a small airline, before becoming a corporate pilot, but Aviation was going through a difficult time and I changed careers to Real Estate. In my spare time I enjoyed writing biographies, beginning with the one my mother requested. After achieving my goals I was able to retire at the end of 2009 to be with my family in Florida and enjoy my grandchildren.

I spend a portion of every day reading and writing and along with my other pursuits the time goes by more rapidly than I would have believed. There is another manuscript that I have almost completed, which is about my great great grandfather, who served with the American Army in Florida, during the Second Seminole war. I have other ideas and a lot of material, but I first want to enjoy marketing my latest work.

Birth Place:

Maraval,  Trinidad and Tobago

  • Randal J. Agostini
    Randal J. Agostini