David Rahahę∙tih Webb

David Rahahę·tih Webb is rooted in the Tuscarora Nation of North Carolina and the Pee Dee Indian Tribe just across the invisible line, in South Carolina.  His culture has shaped his worldview and is central in his life.  He is a traditional and contemporary Native American artist and an active member of his community.  David’s art in the form of sculpture, beadwork, and other mediums have been featured in museum exhibits and in permanent collections throughout the eastern United States. Throughout his life, David has served as a culture keeper and historian for his community. 

David is also a Seminole and Miccosukee descendant, his direct ancestors were members of the Spanish Indian community of Sanibel Island, his hometown. He recently authored The Spanish Seminole: The Untold History of the Spanish Indians as Shared by a Descendant which presents a detailed account of the Spanish Indians- their history, culture, and legacy using primary sources and documents, and oral histories.

An educator, historian, and environmental scientist, David Rahahę·tih Webb has served more than two decades in nonprofit and education leadership. David is currently executive director of Muddy Sneakers, an environmental education organization which serves students across North Carolina.  Previously, served as president & CEO of the Wonder Gardens, he founded the STEM Institute at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, and oversaw Miami-Dade County’s environmental education programs, six nature centers and museums, and the county’s sea turtle protection program.  He also served leadership roles at  the AZA accredited Aquarium of Niagara, and the Florida Museum of Natural History.  He also currently serves on two environmental education nonprofit boards. Sharing his love for history, the environment, and his own culture are his passions.