Memoir on the Geography, and Natural and Civil History of Florida

First published in 1821, Darby s Memoir served as the guide for the earliest American settlers in newly acquired Florida This volume faithfully reproduces the original, including the large folded map on the inside cover Handsomely bound and stamped, this volume offers scholars an affordable volume of rare work.

Dr Joe Knetsch, a noted historian of early Florida, has written an introduction that places the man Darby in the context of the expansion of the United States and manifest destiny.


Canaveral Light

Canaveral Light is an explosive novel about the struggle of early Florida pioneers to live in harmony with the land and its native people.

Canaveral Light is the story of Lt. Mills Burnham, stationed at Florida’s Fort Heileman during the second Seminole war in Florida, a paradise that is itself as violent as its people. In spite of his fear of the land and its people, Burnham vows to bring his young family to this wild country as soon as the war ends.


Joseph Mills White

In the turbulent world of Florida politics in the early to mid-1800's, Joseph M. White played a prominent role in organizing opposition to the territorial and national efforts of Andrew Jackson and his supporters. Ernest Dibble has done an excellent job of capturing the essence of the political struggles of the era.

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