Brevard County: A history to 1955

The book Brevard County History to 1955 by John M. Eriksen is as the title suggests Brevard County History to 1955.

A documented 77,000-word history of Brevard County, home of NASA's Kennedy Space Center and launch complex for the Space Shuttle. Table of Contents is hyperlinked to all chapters. Dozens of historic images related to the book are provided in an endnotes link. Would you like to go back in time when life was more in tune with the natural surroundings? Within these pages you'll be transported to a pristine land filled with opportunity and those who sought a new life in a far-away place called Indian River Country.
These pages capture the original beauty and abundance of raw nature so starkly contrasted by today's development, and how that raw beauty was developed for a growing population. Thoroughly documented with 320 endnotes.
===== Highlights=======
- V2 rocket, first launch from Brevard County
- Treasure fleets and sunken treasures of gold and silver
- Fishing and hunting at its best
- Old towns, roads and trails
- The roots of Florida’s Indian River Citrus industry
- The nation’s first wildlife sanctuary
- The famous “real McCoy” brothers
- The nation’s first multi-stage rocket launch
- The Cape’s first commander (USAF Colonel) spots UFOs
- Approx. 1000 sources within 320 numbered endnotes
- Bibliography of 150 source books, 320 Endnotes


"... a well-researched account of Brevard's emergence from prehistory into the space age offers many lessons to those who hope to shape a bright future for a unique community." -- former U.S. Congressman Jim Bacchus

"Brevard County, Florida: A Short History to 1955 enhances existing scholarship, is more detailed in its information...Eriksen's book is extremely well documented and utilizes a large number of primary sources such as manuscript collections, oral histories, and public documents. His list of secondary sources is equally exhaustive."
-- Melissa Williford Euziere, from a Master of Arts Thesis submitted to The Florida State University College of Arts and Sciences

"Very interesting. It's good to see people doing detailed research like this on parts of our country. We can learn a lot from history, especially when it's so well presented as this." -- Ronald W. Hull, author of The Kaleidoscope Effect, War's End, American Mole: The Vespers, and Alone?




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Brevard County: A history to 1955









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