One Room Schoolhouse

Mrs. Goode's Class: What were one-room schoolhouses like? Students in grades 1-8 all learned together. The oldest sat in the back, and the youngest in the front. They learned history, reading, writing, geography, and arithmetic. The room was heated by a wood burning stove. 

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Brevard Schools

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Cocoa High School 1926

Cocoa High School was the first Cocoa school built for higher grades. It was later converted into an elementary school.

Cocoa School Bus

This Cocoa school bus was owned and driven by Roy Packard.

Little Red Schoolhouse

The Little Red Schoolhouse in Melbourne was built and painted by John Goode in 1883. The first teachers were Maude Goode and Mary Valentine. Students sat on benches, and there was a hand-operated pump outside. White students were taught in the morning and black students were taught in the afternoon. The school term only lasted 5-6 months during the summertime. 

Thatched one-room schoolhouse

A thatched one-room schoolhouse of unknown location.

Merritt Island School Boat

This school boat was used by students living along the tributaries of the Indian River.

Titusville High School

Opening Day of Titusville High School.

Early Cocoa High School 1890

An early Cocoa high school located on Willard Street. 1890.

Costumed Students

Costumed students at Miss. Elvira Watkins Hillside School.

Mims School 1924

Students, teachers, and principal stand on the steps of a school in Mims in 1924.